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My Positano
De Luise Flavia

My Positano

Editore: Europa Edizioni

Reparto: Storia d'europa

ISBN: 9791220141697

Data di pubblicazione: 26/09/2023

Numero pagine: 92

Traduttore: Fusca S.

Collana: Chronos. Autobiografie di cittadini

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Positano is a world-famous place that has become a destination for celebrities since the Fifties, and for every kind of artist even before, for holidays but also for living there all year round. In this memoir, Flavia De Luise tells the story of her life and her family, but at the same time reconstructs some specific traits of the positanesità which have contributed to making the village of the Amalfi Coast an icon of style and beauty. And it is precisely to the beauty of hairdressing that Flavia has dedicated a large part of her life, hosting both important clients and normal people always with the same dedication and commitment. This book is a journey through time that exalts Italian talent, capable to shine beyond borders and appeal the rest of the world.

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